WILLYS: cj2a

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Technical specifications

Type:Winter Cab
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Brown
Engine: 4 Cylinder F Head
Number of Cylinders:4
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I bought this last spring as a project for my then 14 year old and I to get running and driving so she could learn to drive a stick shift and shoot gophers with her new .22 Henry she got for Christmas. I'd been looking for a CJ I could afford that needed some work but not so much she (or I) would get discouraged. Couldn't find just what I wanted so I bought this off Craigslist about 150 miles from home. Went to get it, loaded it up, brought it home, about three or four days later a real nice CJ2A just like I'd been looking for showed up about 5 miles from the house. Went and bought it, been paying storage on this one ever since.
Depending on your point of view, this is a real treasure or a project beyond hope. First of all, it hasn't run for 5 or 6 years according to the guys I got it from. They inherited from their dad, used it for several years to hunt and get wood with, sent the carb off to have rebuilt and both ended up buying new side by sides, this project got left in the back yard with the carb laying on the seat waiting for somebody who loved it to make it whole again. That was going to be me. They said it ran good, has the later F head in it that their dad put in in the 60's. Also cut a hole in the hood and put a cake pan of some kind on it to cover the hole. Said their dad loved it, hunted with it, got wood with it, etc., etc. I believe them.
Somebody put a lot of time in to building the cab on it. Here's the bad: It is welded to the tub. Here's the good: It is welded to the tub. So while you can't take the cab off without whacking some welds it is a good solid cab with doors that shut and actually probably seal pretty well against a snowstorm. It has two big heaters in it, one on the drivers side and one on the passenger side blowing straight down at your passenger's feet so this thing was used in some cold weather and probably deep snow like they have up around Libby and Eureka, where this came from.
The coolest thing about the cab is the back door. It lifts up and slides forward on a track so it is stored up against the ceiling of the cab. Lots of thought and work in that one.
With that tank mover winch on the back you could pull yourself right back up on the road any where you could get the end of the cable solid. I'll bet it's pulled a bunch of Elk up the side of a mountain to some forest service road where they could load one on the Jeep to take it home for winter meat.
Rust, well yeah, it has some rust. On the other hand, it's pretty close to 70 years old. It's a Willys. They got used and they got a little rust in them. This is from usually dry and windy Montana so the rust isn't like you see on the east coast, tho. The frame and all the springs and everything look solid. I don't think anything is rusted through that I could see.
Brakes?? You gotta be kidding. It had brakes a few years ago. It doesn't now. But it has been converted to 12 volts and has an alternator so you can see what snowbank you are about to slide in to and a big honking winch to pull you back out of the ditch if you could see the curve. Think about it. This thing will never go fast enough to get you in serious trouble.
Overall, this is a pretty worthy project. It was just too much for a 14 year old girl to take on, even with help from me. (the other one we bought was a battery and gas and go drive it, work on it when we have time project) It's pretty solid and wouldn't take much to get it running. The engine turns over so it should run. The rebuilt carb is with it. Carter YF. I think with the carb on it and a battery it will fire right up. They told me when I bought it all the 4 wheel drive and trans and everything worked OK. I assume the PTO winch would work. It needs a cable and has a chunk gone out of the side of the drum.
It has one seat out of some 60's car. The original seats are missing. But it has two big heaters, electric wipers and defrosters that will barbecue a sammich for lunch if they work the way they look.
Buy this for your kids, let them take it apart, get it running, put it together, go gopher hunting and take it sledding and driving around in the back pasture in 4 wheel drive spinning donuts, whatever. They can't hurt it much and they will learn a lot and remember it forever.
Shipping? Shouldn't cost all that much to ship it about anywhere. It's just a little Willys Jeep. I'll help get it loaded.
Payment?? $250 on Paypal, cash or check on the rest of it, it doesn't leave here until it's paid for and I'm happy with the money. If you come to pick it up I prefer green Ben Franklins. However you do it, I get paid in full in 7 days from the end of the auction or the deal is off. You can mail me Ben Franklins, Paypal the money, send a courier with bags of quarters, however you want to pay but it needs to be in my hands in a week.
TITLE???? YES, I HAVE A CLEAR, CURRENT MONTANA TITLE for it that is yours when you pay for the Willys.
Original Wheels?? Sorry, what you see is what you get. The tires that are on it are actually pretty good and should run for a long time.
I will cancel your bid if you have zero feedback or I think you are not a worthy bidder who will show up with money at the end of the deal.
It can stay here for a month after the end of the auction, then you start paying storage because I am paying storage. If you are coming to pick it up you should look at my montanabarncars and see the other Willys parts I have. I'm keeping one pickup and our little CJ, selling everything else because I don't have time to work on all this stuff and have been paying storage long enough.
Take a look at the other pickups I have for sale, I have a 1960 FC170 and a 1958 pickup with a Chevy 350 in it.
Like Yogi says, "For people who like this kind of thing, this is the kind of thing they like!" You'll like this!!
Need more info, pics, etc. Stan 406-949-3448 Helena, Montana right on I-15 about 450 miles north of Salt Lake City or 300 miles east of Spokane. Thanks for looking.

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